Sneaker Dreams

Sneaker Dreams

Title : Sneaker Dreams
Size : 30″ x 40″
Type : Oil on Linen

Urbane Muse® Chris Smith Sneaker Dreams Oil on Linen 30″ x 40″

The Sneaker Dreams Project

Urbane Muse® Chris Smith Stan Smith Study Oil on Linen 24″ x 36″

Stan Smith's Study

Title : Stan Smith Study
Size : 24″ x 36″
Type : Oil on Linen

"the soles of my shoes"
by Chris Smith

i love sneakers
and all the flavors they come
been here, been there
and still i stand
only because they respond
by my mind
i got a mind of my own
to understand
it’s not the label
on my shoes
that stipulates who i am
i like the feeling of having something new on
like my sneakers
i didn’t know
until i took off that old mind of mines
then the light came on
now i feel like somebody renewed, refreshed, redefined
and all the flavors they in
been here, been there
breakin’ them in
teaching class
in classics
stay educated
like masters

This is part of a series, that will consist of pieces all themed on this particular subject/concept.